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There is no help for you. But there are questions and answers.

Which of the many Darkest Hours is this site about?

Darkest Hour: Europe ’44-‘45

How to get $/€/£ tips?

Anyone can tip your profile using virtual currency Bitcoin SV (BSV), but:

  1. First connect to this site with your Discord profile.
  2. Make a wallet e.g. in Steamywallet or RelayX.
  3. Get from the wallet a deposit address, and save it in your DHMod.com profile.
  • Steamywallet and RelayX are like PayPal, or Skrill, — e-wallets — but specifically for storing your Bitcoin SV.
  • The wallet creates a deposit address, which sometimes is called a “legacy” address.
    1. Legacy BSV addresses (which are strings of random alphanumeric characters).
      • an example: 1BRwnxiEsBH2DGesyhWTj5xt8HSJ3y6mid

DHMod.com accepts both; Paymails and legacy addresses, but they must be for a Bitcoin SV wallet. That is: do not send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or something else to a Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet.

Why this site?

Because of the Patreon experience. 🤡

Who’s behind this site?

  • PeteFromFinland, that is: u/pete125159
  • Email: pete(at)dhmod.com